Take your project to the next level with IMG’s expert welding services. With vast experience in both Mild Steel and Stainless Steel welding, we offer an unmatched quality that sets the standard. Our fully equipped workshop, serves as the platform where our skilled and certified welders shape your vision into reality.

Our comprehensive welding solutions adhere to stringent quality checks from our Inhouse weld Inspectors and meet all industry standards, ensuring the long-term durability of your welded components. With IMG, you’re getting a service provider committed to adding value to your project and business with our remarkable welding capabilities.


At IMG, welding and fabrication services cover a wide spectrum, involving the design, fabrication, and machining of diverse heavy industry components like structural steelwork, piping systems (including coded), tanks, process modules, chutes, and hoppers.

Our welding department, equipped with a 7.5-tonne overhead crane and specialised WAG multi-surfacer, undertakes comprehensive repair, maintenance, and production welding.

Our skilled staff have access to various welding processes, ensuring cost-effective solutions. Sophisticated profiling, cutting, and punching machines facilitate precise fabrication before welding, complemented by ongoing technical updates through collaborations with industry associations and welding consumable suppliers.

Specialties encompass structural steel, stainless steel, Mig, Tig, and stick processes, plant fabrications and maintenance, mobile site welding, truck tray and chassis repairs, R.O.P.S fabrication, shutdown and maintenance work, and AS/NZS2980-certified staff adept in MWAW and FCAW welding processes.

The spectrum extends to specialised welding, including stud welding for refractory studs, automated welding machines for sub arc, open arc, and gas shielded welding, as well as roller reclamation.

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