Safety First

Safety First

IMG McRaes Global are 100% committed to finding the best solutions for customers and always delivering them safely.   

As a leader in working safely, we consistently demonstrate a safety culture that others aspire to. On the journey to continuous improvement, IMG reviews its safety performance to maintain best practices and accreditation to national and international standards. 

Our Health and Safety Management System is based on and accredited to AS/NZS 45001. Specialised software has been implemented to assist with documenting all policies and procedures, recording and analysing incidents, hazards and near miss events and creating and recording training sessions, all making IMG McRaes Global a safer and more enjoyable place to work.

We have amassed considerable experience within our immediate team, associates, and sub-contractors in delivering maintenance and project services on a wide range of heavy industrial sectors and other New Zealand sites. Our business has been developed through reputation, integrity, innovation, and a long-term customer focus to which we will continue to channel into our vision for the future.

IMG McRaes Global is committed to providing and maintaining a safe and healthy workplace and environment for its workers and visitors. We are dedicated to making sure that all jobs are completed safely and embrace the principal that everyone has the right to return home safely at the end of each day.